Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ancient Egypt Comes to Reno

 Here in Northern Nevada, we a re very lucky to have the Nevada Museum of Art, in Reno.
The NMA's most recent special exhibit is a collection of Ancient Egyptian Artifacts from the Brooklyn Museum.
The exhibit here is called, "To Live Forever," and focuses on artifacts primarily related to preparations for and regarding, the after life. It is a very worthwhile exhibit to see, and the kids love it! There are kids activities and art sessions scheduled throughout the exhibit's time here in Reno. There are guided tours, and informational sessions as well. You should check it out. I did. Here is the NMA's page so that you can plan and schedule your visit:
Nevada Museum of Art: Special Exhibits-To Live Forever

In partial correlation, the costumed figure painting class that we are taking had a great Egyptian-esque model this week, Rick.
Kohl make up and all, he did a great job!

Here's my painting:

As you know, it's Gouache, and was a 3 hour session. I always debate about going back and finishing a painting from a live session like this.  I'm not sure why, I guess I could. Any thoughts?

Here's a detail of his(Rick) face and collar. I really love gouache. Love love love. I do need to wash out all my jars though. maybe I'll do that before our next session.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Costume Class Session 1 at the Nevada Museum of Art

On Monday nights from 6pm-9pm the Nevada Museum of Art School hosts the Costumed Figure Painting Class. This class is awesome! Our costume from last week was a Plantation Dress/Gown from the Civil War period. It was made as a direct copy of a dress in a museum. 
 I painted.

Tonight will be session 2. Can't wait to see what our model/costume will be tonight.