Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In which I actually paint something. really.

See, I knew you wouldn't believe me.

  I painted this weekend. With OTHER PEOPLE! Actually with several OIL painters. I was the one using gouache. Go figure. A friend of ours here in the NV/CA area had an Arte Al Fresco Day. We all got together and painted from a fantastic model, Carolyn. She does period costuming, and man is she great! She also coordinates the models for the Nevada Museum of Art's Costumed Figure class, which is instructed by Jerry Stinson(also awesome.)
It was a quiet eight hour day, lunch was had, wine was had, and lots of great painting time was had. I am apparently deep in though in the above shot, most secretively captured mid painting by my dear Andrew. My brain was really tired after the whole day making art. So much thinking goes on. Color, lighting, relationships, and then the whole nature of painting itself.

As you can see, Jerry was very conscientious of our model's needs. It is the High Sierra, after all, and the sun is the SUN up here. How on Earth is she holding up that parasol for 8 hours, you ask? She's using a shooting stick for hunting to rest the back edge of the parasol on. Genius! What did I tell you? She's a professional.
So, I painted, and we chatted, and I had quite possibly the best art experience in a long time!
Oh, and uh, here's what I've got so far, just in case you wanted to see.

Thanks, Jerry and Karen and Carolyn, who made it all possible! 


Lady Carolyn said...

Thank YOU, it was a delightful day!

Elizabeth Anderson said...

I love how the painting is looking so far. Great work and I love that you got to paint outside! Keep up the new art experiences, it is amazing. I am proud of you!