Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Work!

Well, it's been a while in coming around, but I finally have another finished piece to post.
Thanks be to those of you who've been bugging me about posting!
This is a piece in gouache, it's about 15x22." Took me about....10 hours with breaks.

The color has a bit of a hotspot because we photographed it on the table instead of a stand with better lights.
It's an Opilio Crab(mostly, except for the front claw), and his/her view from the bottom of the ocean, more of a dream perspective. After all, wouldn't any deep sea crab dream of mobility?
(Can you guess my favorite channel is the discovery channel? I stocked up on Deadliest Catch this week with their marathon.)

Let me know what you think.


Elizabeth said...

Jen, this one is very intriguing because of the composition and use of the birds and textures. It leads my eye much more through the page than the previous works.

Good job blending with the goache as well.

I would love to see works that incorporate new elements as well, non natural, just to see where it takes you in exploring the materials.

In this piece, a little red in the upper left would have brought that area into the narration a little more. That is the only place that my eye does not seem to go because of color and movement.

Keep going, each one improves so much.

Adrian said...

I am glad that you have a new post! I have been checking almost every day. I'm afraid I'm not a terribly educated artsy person, but what I can say is that I love the vibrant colors and your subject matter. I would hang any of these on my walls.

jenjo623 said...

Thanks for commenting, guys!
Yeah, I can see how a little red could bring that corner in, Elizabeth.

It feels good to be getting back on the horse again!

Adrian! Thanks for liking my colors, it's my favorite part of painting, and I try to keep them as vibrant as possible.:)

mvegan said...

love love love it!!!