Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Just pencil for now, needs some refining, but it's my next addition to my permanent canvas.


Adrian said...

I know I have asked you about this before...but where on your canvas is this one going? I think it's lovely, but I would hate for it to detract from the awesomeness that is your first tatoo. :D

jenjo0623 said...

This one is set for the top of my back based of my neck, it's part of the design to complete my back into a cohesive piece.
I'll upload a full sketch tonight.:)

Steph said...

Permanent canvas, huh? The patience you have for pieces like these amazes me. I love the interlocking design, where on your canvas will this one go?

Unrelated; I was going through my LJ archives from like '03 and read about all of the little ways you made my life better during that year, from watching movies in Congdon to baking me a grasshopper pie when I lost that fight with the stairs at Career Services. It warmed my heart all over again <3

I miss you girl.